How to Make Your Blowout Last


Source | Pexels


They say you’re never fully dressed without a smile, but we’re not so sure—try telling that to Anna Wintour. Call us biased, but we’d amend that statement to say you’re never fully dressed without great hair. And what’s the best way to get lasting great hair? You guessed it: a blowout.

The problem, of course, is that few of us can pencil a daily salon visit into our busy calendars. We understand your plight, and we’re here to help. Ahead, our tips for pulling pulling off a great blowout, and keeping it looking great

Instead, we’ve mastered the art of prolonging our blowouts for as long as is reasonably possible. Below are our best tips for getting maximum mileage from yours—because one day later is way too soon to say goodbye to looking your best.


#1: Make you sure head into your blowout with a squeaky clean slate. That means actually following the third instruction in “Lather, Rinse, Repeat” for, if you are anything like us, what is probably the first time in your life. Thoroughly cleansing your hair of buildup and excess oil will help ensure your style stands the test of time.


#2: Trust us: the less product you use, the better. We know the serums and clouds of yummy scents feel oh-so-right at your vanity or in your stylist’s chair, but too much will ultimately just end up weighing your hair down and leaving it feeling vaguely unclean. Stick to a style-prep product with heat protectant (Aveda makes one for every hair type) if possible, and something to pump up volume or prep for straightening, if needed.


#3: Post blowout, avoid touching your hair. Believe us, we understand the pull of that enviable smoothness that makes it all but impossible to avoid running your fingers through it. (That’s kind of the point, wink.) Unfortunately, not only are your fingers playing host to their own oils—touching your scalp can also stimulate the production of oil at your roots. Hands off!


#4: Re-evaluate your sleeping habits. Seriously. Reducing the frizz and friction caused by 8 hours of quality time with your pillow is crucial to maintaining the volume and sleekness you expect from your blowout. This is going exactly where you think it’s going: permission to splurge on a silk pillow, granted.


#5: Your blowout can’t look salon-fresh forever. When the two-day droop sets in, fight back with dry shampoo or any another powder-based product that will help absorb your hair’s natural oils. Personally, we love Aveda Shampure Dry Shampoo—it smells heavenly, and is the perfect size for stashing in a tote bag. You can also re-infuse a little lift with two mintues, a blowdryer and a round brush.


#7: The last day before you succumb to washing (we never thought of ourselves as the type who would eventually “succumb to washing,” but hey, here we are) is the ideal time to try one of those looks that has been lingering unutilized on your Pinterest board. Dirty hair holds a style better than clean hair, so now is the perfect time to experiment.


#8: Know when it’s time to admit defeat. There’s no hard wash-by date we adhere to—it varies by person, hair type, and time of year—but we all know when our time as come. After all, the goal is to make people wonder how you maintain such perennially bouncy hair, not why you’ve developed a sudden and inexplicable aversion to shampoo.

Our last bit of advice? Don’t be afraid to make these tips your own.. With a bit of experimentation, you, too, can prolong the life of your blowout—saving you time and ensuring you always look positively Middleton-esque. And when you’re ready to refresh? Come pay us a visit. We’ll be waiting, blow dryer in hand.